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Prairie Soil Consulting, LLC

C. J. Heidt and Mike Ulmer - Bismarck, ND

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Michael G. Ulmer


2007-2012                    USDA-NRCS                            Bismarck, ND  

Senior Regional Soil Scientist

§  Responsible for all soil survey technical activities in the Northern Great Plains

§  Liaison with University and Cooperators

§  Responsible for investigations and research




2005-Present    Prairie Soil Consulting, LLC (Co-owner)   Bismarck, ND


§  Projects include: high intensity soil survey for mine-land reclamation and waste disposal sites; septic field evaluations; wetland determinations, salinity evaluations



2002--2005       High Plains Consortium                          Bismarck, ND


§  Projects include: high intensity soil survey for mine-land reclamation and waste disposal sites; septic field evaluations; wetland determinations



1995–2007                    USDA-NRCS                            Bismarck, ND


§  Responsible for quality assurance of technical soil survey activities for selected MLRAs throughout the Northern Great Plains.

§  Responsible for Agency’s soil characterization program and liaison with the National Soil Survey Laboratory.

§  Responsible for investigations and special projects



1988–1995                    USDA-NRCS                            Bismarck, ND


          §Responsible for soil survey activities in North Dakota



1978–1988                    USDA-NRCS                            Various


          §Soil Survey Project Leader in Adams,  Hettinger, Divide, and McKenzie

        Counties, North Dakota

        §Soil Scientist in Grand Forks, Cass, and Sheridan Counties, North Dakota  



1979–1986                    North Dakota State University     Fargo, ND

MS Soil Science


1975-1977                     North Dakota State University        Fargo, ND

BS  Soil Science


1972-1974   North Dakota State School of Science - Wahpeton, ND

Assoc. Civil Engineering Technology



                            (author or coauthor; citations not formatted)

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                            Soil Survey Horizons articles


Book Review:  After the Ice Age. 1993.   Soil Survey Horizons. 


Book Review:  Wetland soils: genesis, hydrology, landscape and classification. 2002. Soil Survey Horizons.


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Soil Survey Horizons history and index.  2001.  Soil Survey Horizons.


                             Soil Survey Manuscripts


Soil Survey of Hettinger County, North Dakota.  1990.  USDA-NRCS. 

Soil Survey of Adams County, North Dakota.  1987.  USDA-NRCS. 

Soil Survey of Grand Forks County, North Dakota.  1981.  USDA-NRCS. 



Abstracts and Posters



Increasing the salinity tolerance of alfalfa to improve the effectiveness of agronomic-hydrologic practices for controlling root-zone salinization.  2012. ASABE Annual Meetings.


Salinity risk index for the Red RiverValley. 2010. SSSA Annual Meetings.


Soil salinity in the Red RiverValley. 2007.  SSSA Annual Meetings.


Geochemical distribution of selected elements in northcentral North Dakota using soil survey SSURGO data. 2007.  SSSA Annual Meetings.


Evaluation of soil mineralogy and associated properties of soils derived from Eocene-age sediments in western North Dakota. 2007 SSSA Annual Meetings.


Development of a protocol to soil survey reclaimed land in North Dakota.  2006.  SSSA Annual Meetings.


Sodium affected landscapes in western North Dakota. 2006.  SSSA Annual Meetings.


Distribution of trace elements in soils of Northern North Dakota.  2000.  SSSA Annual Meetings.


Distribution of organic carbon in cultivated and native grassland fine-loamy Typic Haploboroll Soils.  1994.  SSSA Annual Meetings.


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A yield prediction model for hard red spring wheat based on soil, climate, and management data.  1984.  SSSA Annual Meetings.


Effects of selected soil, climatic, and management variables on the yield of sunflower.  1984.  SSSA Annual Meetings.


Certification / Registration


Professional Organizations                                     



1986 to present             Professional Soil Classifier of NorthDakota 

1984 to present             ARCPACS – Soil Scientist and Soil Classifier



Professional Soil Classifiers Association of North Dakota

Soil Science Society of America 

Soil and Water Conservation Society

North Dakota Geological Society

North DakotaAcademy of Science

National Association of Soil Conservation Districts

Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society


            Numerous performance and achievement awards from USDA-NRCS

            2010 -- National Cooperative Soil Survey Career Achievement Award    


  Pertinent Training                       SOIL Wetland identification                            1978, 1994

                                          SOIL Wetland training                                   1991

                                          SOIL Reg. IV                                                1991

                                          SOIL Hydric soils                                          1995

                                          SOIL Advanced hydric soils                            2005